House Toic, Cres
House Toić offers accommodation for 12 persons. It is divided into 3 higly comfort apartments for 2 persons with air-conditions and TV/SAT and into 2 big bedrooms for 2 or 3 persons with hughes bathrooms. Bedrooms with bathrooms can be connected with apartments into one accommodation
unit. It has own parking.
It is about 400m of distance from
center of old town Cres or from first nice beach. It takes about 5 minutes by foot. The market is about 70m and so is the first restaurant. There are lot of good restaurants in Cres. Cres also has disco and live music on the beach so jung people can enjoy their night life. The beaches are made of little stones or of the rocks and are very situable for small children or nonswimmer.
About the accommodation unit: Apartment 1/2 A Apartment 1/2 C      
- open-air barbecue
- distance from the bus stop is 300 m
- distance from the train station 70 km
- the closest train station: Rijeka
- distance from the nearest airport is 50km
- the closest airport: Krk
- distance from the nearest ferry port 15km
- name of the nearest ferry port: Merag
- distance from a heavy traffic road 600m
- distance from the pharmacy is 300 m
- distance from the ambulance is 300 m
- distance from the nearest exchange office 300 m
- distance from the nearest gas station 300 m
- distance from the town center is 400 m
- distance from a grocery store is 70 m
- walking distance to nearest beach 400 m
- type of beach : pebble and concrete slabs
- distance from the sea is 400 m
- accessibility to accommodation by car : excellent
- public transportation services : good
- parking space
- water supply : local waterworks
Apartment 1/2 B Room 1/3 B      
Room 1/3 C